Chicago Cheekbone Plastic Surgery

The best information on cheekbone plastic surgery or better known as cheek augmentation. Whether it be the procedure, costs, or effects you’ll find it all right here.

What It Does:

Cheekbone plastic surgery helps fix recessed cheeks and hollow facials if you have high cheekbones or low cheekbones. The cheek implants help accentuate facial contours and bring back to live volume lost by aging.


Implants are typical made of solid silicone but can also be made of medpor or gore-tex. the ladder two are inert substances which means they fuse with the skin and bone better than solid silicone. They down side to the substances is they are harder to remove if a they need to be fixed.  Some risks of cheek bone plastic surgery are a risk of infection, numbness, shifting of the silicone or substance due to swelling, and loss of sensation long after the surgery.

Shapes of Implants:

The most common type of cheekbone implant is the malar implant. It is placed on the cheekbone in order to give a higher contour on the side of the face. Submalar implants are placed below the cheekbone to make the mid face look fuller. Combined implants are used to give higher contours and a fuller look on the mid face.

The Procedure:

Surgeons generally make incisions in the upper mouth by the top of the gum line to easily slide in the implants. While this is being done the patient is sedated and usually takes up to two hours. After the surgery the estimated recovery time is around 10 days.


Injects are less invasive and less expensive approach to cheekbone plastic surgery. The main problem with most if not all injections is the fact that they get absorbed by the body after a period of time. Once they are absorbed, you must schedule another appointment with your plastic surgeon and have another injection. And all though each injection is less expensive, in the long run you will end up spending more getting injections instead of a permanent cheekbone implant.

To learn more about cheekbone plastic surgery in Chicago check out this informing video.

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