The 10 Personality Types

When you identify your combination with one of the nine types, it is an amazing, eye-opening experience! Learning the following and find out which of the ten types are you?

PERFECTIONIST–You are a Perfectionist! You like things neat and in order. You are always busy, often working just as hard at home as at your job. You have a strict internal voice that tells you and others what to do. You are attracted to fun people and attract moody people.

HELPER–You are a Helper! You love to cook, throw great parties and take care of people. Your friends come to YOU with their feelings. You follow your heart and are creative and can’t ask for anything!

ACHIEVER–You are an Achiever! You love to dress and look sharp. You work a ton and strive for success and a successful image. You are a chameleon and can be all nine types to get what you want.

ROMANTIC–You are a Romantic. You ARE your feelings and because they are always changing, so are you. You are good at your job, but even better at your passion and can spot tacky from a mile away.

SAGE–You are a Sage! You are some of the smartest people on the planet. You tend to work alone and are socially shy and rarely extravagant. Your interests tend to be intellectual in nature.

LOYALIST–You are a Loyalist. You work very well with your hands and tend to do most things fast. You are impatient and always busy and you worry about money a bunch. You are very emotional, but not the “oh baby, I love you” type!

ADVENTURER–You are an Adventurer! You are optimistic and have high energy and are always bouncing around on the edge. You love to entertain and clown and HATE strictness and being bored. You want more and more of a good thing and love to travel.

LEADER–You are a Leader! You probably grew up fast and were independent from an early age and never really want anyone to do anything for you. You LOVE money, food, sex, and power and are almost always in control.

PEACEMAKER–You are a Peacemaker! You do not like drama and quickly become like who you are with to avoid ANY problems. You understand everyone and rarely get angry. You love animals and hate decisions.

SAPIOSEXUAL– The last type of personality is sapiosexual, this is a special type in the recent years. Check out the sapiosexual meaning to learn if this type of person you are attracted to, or this type of person is attracted to you.

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