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If you are looking for a research partner from the north of Europe, the University of Oulu offers you leadingedge research in a wide spectrum of academic fields and a modern commercialisation infrastructure. It has six faculties, several research centres and a network of research stations throughout northern Finland. As its values the university upholds partnership, pioneering spirit and sense of community, and its work is governed by the principles of open interaction, initiative taking, and open-mindedness.

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The University of Oulu was founded in 1958 and is now the second-largest academic institution in Finland. Its spectrum of undergraduate and postgraduate studies includes natural sciences, education, engineering and architecture, medicine, business as well as the humanities. The university confers around 1,500 Master’s and 150 Doctor’s degrees annually. In addition to its several own Master’s programmes offered in English in areas such as Protein Science, Finance and Economics, Accounting, International Business, Environmental Engineering, and Education and Globalisation, the university is active in joint programmes with other European, Asian and American universities.

Researchers at the University of Oulu work on over 70 different fields of study, ranging from the structure of matter to that of the universe and from the functioning of cells to culture and technology. The University is committed to the quality of research and now occupies a position among the best 400 in the Shanghai University Ranking.

To foster research collaboration, the university has defined three multidisciplinary focus areas that all entail research of high scientific impact in several departments, as well as significant impacts for society. These are information technology and wireless communications (, biotechnology and molecular medicine (, and northern and environmental issues ( Among the many research centres of the university are the Centre for Wireless Communications (, representing leading-edge basic and applied research in telecommunication, and the Sodankylä Geophysical Observatory (, active in both observational and theoretical studies of the universe.

The university encourages its academics to collaborate in research projects with other research institutions, international enterprises and SMEs. Their international funders include the RTD framework programme of the European Union, ERA-NET collaboration arrangements, Eureka, including ITEA, and other international research initiatives. Major national funders supporting research at the university include Tekes (Finnish Funding Agency for Technology and Innovation) and the Academy of Finland.

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The University of Oulu has an excellent track record of spinning out companies from its research. At present, about five new companies are created each year that base their business on work carried out in the laboratories of the university. Among recent spin-outs are the award-winning companies Codenomicon Ltd. (, with links to the university’s Secure Programming Group, and Biosilta Ltd (, originating from the Department of Process and Environmental Engineering. In creating companies, the university closely collaborates with its partners such as Technopolis Ventures Ltd (, IP Europe ( and the Foundation for Finnish Inventions (

The potentials contained in the new Finnish legislation concerning academic inventions are being fully exploited by the university to ensure benefits for the academic inventors, for enterprises and for society. In its close collaboration with business and industry, the university is a reliable partner that takes intellectual property issues seriously and is thus optimally suited for the context of open innovation. The contact point at the university is its Research and Innovation Services at

The most famous alumnus of the University of Oulu is the former President of Finland, the Nobel Peace Prize Laureate Martti Ahtisaari. He strongly supports the university’s strategy that underlines active partnerships with research organisations, companies and other partners for solving the problems of the future.

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