The role of education in the New Europe 2020

Androulla Vassiliou, European Commissioner for Education, Culture, Multilingualism and Youth As the European Union sets its new political agenda in a time of crisis and change, there is one thing on which all are agreed: innovation is the best way forward for Europe. Only innovation will ensure growth and development and secure quality of life […]

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Embracing open innovation

For the past couple of years, open innovation has been receiving an increasing amount of attention, both in academia as well as in business. More and more firms have included open innovation as a central part in their strategy and examples of open innovation practices around Europe are manifold. Consider, for example, the open innovation […]

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Middle East Technical University

The mission of METU is to reach, produce, apply and promote knowledge, and to educate individuals with that knowledge for the social, cultural, economic, scientific and technological development of society and humanity. The vision statement includes: Internationalization Priority for research Educating the leaders of future Creating synergy by interdisciplinary work Innovation Leadership role in the […]

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Industrial biotechnology

A powerful, innovative technology to mitigate climate change Dirk Carrez, Director of Industrial Biotechnology, EuropaBio Meeting market demands while at the same time reducing the impact we have on our climate is of critical importance to industry. Although, in the past, discussions have centred around the causes of climate change, today society, industry, governments and other […]

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Removing Tonsil Stones – What is Effective Way to Cure

Removing tonsil stones is not as easy as it sounds. No simple conventional medication is available for successful eradication of the disease. Only surgical excision along with removal of the affected tonsil (tonsillectomy) is the best option available in the allopathic system of medicine. Chinese herbal therapy is getting popular for permanent eradication of the […]

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Suffering From Severe Abdominal Pain? I Know How You Feel

One of the best remedies for abdominal pain relief is core exercise.It is mainly suggested for people who are suffering from lower pain on the abdomen. Performing exercises without knowing what you’re doing may even make the situation worse. In the US, the situation is alarming. Quite a lot of people are suffering from the […]

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How to Get Rid of Blisters Fast at Home

Home remedies are always suggested to be the best solution of any problems. And in most cases, it is only the home remedies which work. Home remedy is done using certain spices, vegetables, or other common items to cure a disease. The importance of Home remedies has increased due to the rising cost of conventional […]

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Pinched nerve in neck symptoms

Pinched nerve in neck or back indicators and symptoms consist of: Numbness or even reduced feeling within the region supplied by the nerve. Clear or burning discomfort, that might expand outward. Once the pinched nerve arises from the spinal-cord, hacking and coughing or perhaps sneezing might aggravate the discomfort. Pain, “pins and needles” sensations (paresthesia). […]

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Right Body Posture with Relaxo Bak Comfort Seat

In today’s world, almost everyone has the same daily routine of sitting in an office, on a chair, in front of the computer for long hours. Many people have to travel daily for many hours beside office. Driving or sitting in one posture for so many hours can result into severe back pain. posture braces, […]

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