Best Coffee Brands

Nothing is better than a glass of warm coffee accompanied with sweet cookies in these cold winter nights. The smell, the aroma and the joy of drinking delicious coffee is worth everything. There are many coffee types you can find around. The coffee types usually differ from each other by the country they are being […]

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Biscuit Mix Ideas

What could be better than home-baked biscuits? Because so many of us are crunched for time, however, it is difficult to find the opportunity to bake biscuits from scratch. For this reason, most of us turn to easy-to-make boxed biscuit mixes, which will give you that home-baked taste without all of the mess and effort! […]

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Best Websites to Find Coupons for Dining out

Dining out is not always cheap.  In this day and age average people need to do everything they can to make a buck stretch a little further.  One way to do this is by dining out and using coupons.  Coupons can often give deep discounts on affordable meals.  But what are the best websites to […]

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Beer Reviews Spire Britannia Cream Ale

I like trying new beers! That goes without saying but, more importantly, I like trying beers from local breweries. This is not always as easy as it sounds most local pubs are tied to national breweries or pub companies and are often not allowed to stock locally produced products. So, when a new local free […]

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Beer Reviews Leffe Blonde

In my explorations of the world’s ales and lagers, my palate tends towards the European models. I like bitters and brown ales from England and the pilsners of Bavaria and the Czech Republic. In colder months I veer towards Irish and Imperial stouts, barley wines, and good malty doppelbocks. But when it comes to the […]

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Heal your knees to walk through with confidence

Above 50 years of age and struggling from the nagging knee pain? Well, you are not on your own. In UK, out of each and every five adults above 50 years, one is struggling from osteoarthritic knee discomfort. There may be a number of factors for knee pain. It could be a past damage. Numerous […]

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A brief History of Soda Popsoft Drinks

As early as 1770, equipment was invented by a chemist (Bergman) and a scientist (Priestly) which saturated water with carbon dioxide. The result was called ‘soda water'; a term coined in 1798, regardless of the fact that the beverage was sans soda. It was marketed as mineral water and it’s benefits were glorified. It was […]

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Beer Review Carlsberg Special Brew

Preferred tipple of the downtrodden…or, more accurately, the down-and-out Carlsberg Special Brew has got a bit of a reputation. Nowadays, Buckie seems to be the choice of the young juice-head, and CSB is seen as more of an old dosser’s drink. Is this fair? Probably. It’s not a drink I would normally put anywhere near […]

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